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Volunteers bridge the gap between community families and our foster, kinship, and adoptive families. Volunteers show our families just how supported they are and allow The Fort Worth Foster Closet to serve each family that walks through our doors. 


We are a 100% volunteer-run nonprofit that is seeking qualified volunteers to join our team. We do not offer monetary compensation for volunteers. Volunteers must be 18 or older. Minors that would like to volunteer must be accompanied by an adult.

Many people are called to foster care but not to foster parenting. Volunteering at the Fort Worth Foster Closet allows individuals to support foster children and families in our very own community.

There are many different ways to volunteer at The Fort Worth Foster Closet.


Resource Store Advocates:

  • wash, sort, and organize clothing

  • organize and put away incoming donations

  • help complete small projects and clean around the Resource Store

  • Assist children and families that are shopping in-store


On-Call Advocates:

  • help pack and shop for incoming requests

  • deliver items within a 25-mile radius of our Resource Store

  • must have open availability in case of an emergency request


Other Opportunities:

We are always looking for individuals that have special interests or talents that could benefit The Fort Worth Foster Closet. These opportunities can include but are not limited to:

  • Event Planning

  • Fundraising

  • Social media/ website building

There is no requirement of hours to be a volunteer! We are grateful for every hour that is spent benefiting children and families in our community.


Our team will work with you to decide how you can best serve The Fort Worth Foster Closet.

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